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February 22, 2009 | Relationships

More translations:

Father’s elder brother & his wife – Mottobo & Motombo
Father’s younger brother & his wife – Nannobo & Nannambo
Mother’s elder brother & his wife  – Mamo & Mami
Mother’s younger brother & his wife – Mamo & Mami
Father’s elder sister & her husband – Bei & Bhavo
Father’s younger sister & her husband – Bei & Bhavo
Mother’s elder sister & her husband – Mousi & Mouso
Mother’s younger sister & her husband – Mousi & Mouso
Father’s mother – Ammo
Father’s father – Iyyo
Mother’s mother – Aingir ambo
Mother’s father – Ainger bo
Husband’s mother – Sasu (But we call her Mami)
Husband’s father – Sosuro (But we call her Mamo)
Friend – Singadhi or Singeidh
Daughter’s husband – Jomai (We call them as Mapla)
Son’s wife – Bhovundi (Usually we don’t call like this, we call them by their own names)
Younger Sister’s husband – Mapla
Elder Sister’s husband – Bhavo
Elder brother’s wife – Bhavi
Younger brother’s wife – Usually call them by their names
Husband’s elder sister – Neyendhu (We call them as Bei)
Husband’s younger sister – Neyendhu (We call them as Bhei if they are elder than us or we call them by their names)

More research left.

Angu ovva time khollo avi savo.

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  1. i agree vishnavi krishna moothi said

  2. Nantha says:

    good one, we all must help to come up palkar kudumbams.



    Palkar vattha, district to district machayi se! Thumi onte list ready keruvai, onte vatthagu District wise kai menan meni sangeth chokkad rhai!

    Palkar vattha thovi onte phd keruvai sonje! Great!

  4. Ramkumar K G says:

    Super…me atha mumbai yum setha.illa pura seeyath moonu sokkad lavarash.

  5. Kudva Krishnamachari Chandrasekaran says:


    I like it. Very great effort !!! I am from dindigul / Peryakkulam and partially agree with what Sundar said. In fact you can put all the other places calling names in bracket , so that all of our community can understand the various names.

    Father’s younger brother & his wife – Nannobo & Nannambo (Kakaa & Kakki)

    Note: Kakaa & kakki >> Still calling in northern west part of india .

  6. koochun chandrasekaran says:

    i learn more new relationship name from above …..this one very useful for me and more young sourastrians

  7. kollanger Praveen kumar, Thiruvappur says:

    i am from thiruvappur, pudukkottai…… i agree this one ,, i expect more and more..

  8. madhusudhan.k says:

    good for now we had been an unique,lets this process continue

  9. lets this process continue & thanks publishing this website

  10. Thevendriya Venkatachalapathy Balan says:

    sosuro (But we call him as mamo) not (But we call her mamo) pl correct it.

  11. Veena says:

    Me from Thanjavur /Ammapet
    Father’s younger/Elder sister , ami avi – Bhaimbo menthiyi bovan ….

  12. abhiram says:

    what is the word for wife in saurashtra? could any please tell me ?

  13. t. murali, salem says:

    I am from salem,

    This site is looking very good, and encourage our relationship and our community.

  14. Me rasipuram mu satha amberi language rovo famous ka sa mane eya website mulum kalaris santhos ka sa..

  15. kupendran says:


    ille mullo checchulluvo…

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