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February 22, 2009 | General

The Sourashtra Community has its own language and script. The Sourastra script looks very much like Tamil script, although you can also find an infusion of Telegu and Devanagiri alphabets in it. It is closely related to the Gurato language also. This script began development towards the latter part of the 19th century.




Sourashtra Community members living in the Indian States of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu (mainly in cities Madurai and Salem), speak this language and use its script. It belongs to the Indo-Aryan group of languages.

In Hindi ‘Sou’ means 100 and ‘Rashtra’ means region. Put together they mean a province of 100 regions. Linguists today have been able to trace the origins of the Sourashtra language to the language spoken by the people of Sourashtra, though the script that is spoken and written there today is mostly Gujarati, while the Sourashtra script is more of Marathi, Konkani, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. This difference is because both Gujarati and Sourashtra has a common parent language, but in course of time the Sourashtra language diversified and imbibed the elements that we see in it today. It is also felt that the vocabulary and grammar of this language is mainly from Sanskrit.

There are some very noted features of this script. First is the syllabic alphabet, which includes all consonants infused with a vowel. The vowel can be changed through the use of diacritics, place before, below or above the consonant. The second most noted characteristic is that vowel appearing in the beginning of a syllable are written out as independent letters.

As of today, this language is not taught in schools and is just spoken by members of the community. There are various dialects for this language each of which are used by Sourashtrians living in their respective areas. This lends an even more unique feature to this ancient language.

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  1. saranya says:

    rely am so happy to see this website i got more info our lang.

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    I’m happy to find Souvrastra website in web…
    Keep to maintainted as well as possible ….

  3. sasekumar says:

    I am very happy that our communtiy has a website like this… Try to post many new things about our community community people. Can anyone help me to write in sourasthra with sourashtra letters. I would really feel happy…

  4. dhaya says:

    hii i am very happy ths languge others does nt understand………….jokat say

  5. Senthilnathan says:

    chokades sa

  6. daya says:

    anga language um rikatha musaya

  7. anandhsayeen says:

    ambri language sethamo mogo juku sonthosh

  8. Jeyabalaji says:

    We are very happy that our community web site like this….

  9. Sreedhar says:

    Just a hello and Namaskar to all my fellow Sourashtrans. I have three grown children living in United States of America and I am making sure they know they are Sourashtrans. They all love food made with Sourashtran recipes. I guess that is a good start:). I have been sending them articles about our origin and they seem to like it.

  10. madan says:

    I’m so happy. because i thought sourastra language’s no words but now i saw the words. thanks a lots.

  11. annan ramkarthik kumar says:

    really i m very happy and interested to know our language.i m eager to there anybody to teach our language.our peoples so good as other peoples.still they r following our customs.our peoples r very soft in nature and brilliant compare to others. im proud to say that most of our brothers and sisters r n aboard.

  12. sri krishnan says:

    i luv sourashtra…

  13. sri krishnan says:

    askithenko namaskar!!
    Sri krishnan.

  14. Korkottu sivanath Ramkumar says:

    konathi kerikin sourashtra melli onda mhoda language meni theykatna…….. thellago khai keruvaai???
    so tht every sourashtra palkars should knw language in written… aski sourashtra palkars likkatha kalano…. Thellago khot jhi sikkathey????

  15. Sreedhar says:

    I suggest checking out these websites for Sourashtran related events, including networking, education, marriage etc.!/groups/sourashtracommunity/!/groups/sourashtrateam/!/groups/sourashtraonline/

  16. Ramesh babu says:

    Today i have seen this website and i am very happy to say that so many people of our sourastra growing up in computer feild and settling in abroad. i am very proud.

  17. anasuya says:

    i want to leran how to speak the sorashtra language. Can any body help me in that

  18. Please visit the following link to learn Sourashtra language in its own script.

    For further assistance, please send email to me

  19. kannan says:

    I’m Very happy TO find this website

    keep update

    give more information about palkar launguge

  20. R.kumar says:

    I proud of ma language

  21. prakash says:

    i need to know more adout saurashtra language and people.
    can any one guide me

  22. prakash says:

    iam not a saurashtrian. but im interested to know adout this lang nd ur customs.
    can any one guide me pls……

  23. kv sathish kumar says:

    ambra samugam sesthenu askinakku vanakkam keraris me next kai menathi ella themamthi ambra mozhi avarina menathego mogo jukku sonthosu ambra samugam jukku jukku chokkor rai jaihind

  24. Ranjini says:

    Hi I wish to learn sourashtra can anyone guide me please

  25. Govind says:

    atha si makko some information kalai about our Sorashtra,…….. thanks for managing this website

  26. prem says:

    Hi Ranjini

    i appreciate for showing iterest to lear our language sourastra. hope by this time u read this mail might learned to a extened. still if u have more to lear we all ca help and i can also cotribute little from my part. before we start let me know more ant u and reason behind that u want to learn if u wish to share with me. u can also reach me in

    bye now
    take care

  27. ravindar says:

    ango thela MBC nokko thegangal ango koni abba jarani anga ami degrade kella noko

  28. j.j gayathri says:

    I love my mother language, am interested to know about this. am proed to be palkar

  29. k.c.thiagarajan says:

    today only i m seeing this site …
    i m very much excited…
    maintain kaeroo…..&
    community develop kaeroo …

  30. Balaji says:

    Ella Effort eda Punniyavan ku kodi kodi namaskar and thanks

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  32. abi says:

    mogo jukku santhosh ovra palkarlu likatho oneta letters aththo sei

  33. Appan M. Ramesh babu says:

    Very much proud to be a ‘Sowrastrian’, Requesting the author to publish the entire language detail book.
    It will help to learn our self and can also teach to our generation.
    Ramesh babu (appan family)
    Tirunelvel dist

  34. prakash says:

    pls… any one guide me. i need to learn our language. i know only a little. pls… some one teach me…

    this is my mail… pls… guide me…

  35. soured says:

    What do you say fate in sourastra language?
    pls reply

  36. Chander. says:

    Askki kokuldas bedan sonjey, english mu likkaras…. vei

  37. Meenakshi says:

    avrae mencanejal vatho kenno meni lavaras. kono thumi ella mathiri thovriyo. Angun chokkat keruvo. Jhukku thengo chechuvo. jeeli avus.

  38. I am so happy,mogo jukku monnu sandhosh ka se,amra samudhayam aatha gowradhaga se,

  39. mahesh says:

    hi am from tiruapti am also an sourastrian i want know where our community people lived. and am very happy to meet all my peoples namskar.

  40. BALAJIWIN says:

    i love to c such a wonderful site… i am really happy

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    Thumi jeeli avo…. angun juguthanuoo sey, thenu asiki ella tamam avi Vathokeno meni Mee povorio….

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    Nice to see

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    i am really very happy proud i am in sourastra

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    Pls someone reply.
    what do you say ‘fate’ in sourashtra language?

  45. Varadharajan says:

    Me onda palkar paramakudi-m-ri vatho kerorathe….i thank u to publish our language

  46. soured says:

    What do you say “fate” in sourastra language?
    pls reply..pls soon

  47. Arunkumar says:

    Jukku sandhosgan se….!!! ambri vatha websiteum se menatha saathemo…:-)

  48. SaravanaKumar M.S.K says:

    Aski thengo namaskar sangularyo me kon menathe Thoravallan Bedko Saravana Kumar.
    Mora Astha kai menathi oura somugam MBC Ona,
    Mudhullo aski thenu oura Mozhi chovdhathakin,likatha sikkuno,
    Ami sus Awareness avadno Simple, Kon Kon Angidi thovlorski thengo angidi NAAV oura Mozhim Thekkadno,
    so thella seethi thusura oura Menkan Armbam keran

  49. Kavya A says:

    Askinaku namaskar. e website angali ambre bhasha improve kerovayi. iso maintain karo.. Kavya 4m Bangalore

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Sourashtra or “Sourashtras” refer to a community of people who originated from Gujarat and now settled in different parts of Tamilnadu.They are also called as Palkars or in Tamil as Pattunulkarars which refers to the silk thread workers.