Sourashtra Community and Cinema Industry

February 22, 2009 | Entertainment, Music

During the early 1960s, the Sourashtrians contributed to Tamil movies. You would be familiar with one of the mostbeautiful actress, Venniradai Nirmala. She belongs to the Sourashtra community in Madurai.


M.N. Rajam and Devadas are other notable artists from the Sourashtra community.

It is also notable that popular playback singers like T.M. Soundara Rajan, A.L. Raghavan, and S.C. Krishnan also belong to the Sourashtra community. They have the talent of pronouncing Tamil very accurately and clearly.

Angu updates churum kerus.

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  1. T M Senthil says:

    its very nice to watch this website sourasthra community angu sogat karuvo

  2. L.S.Naveen Kumar says:

    Dear sourashtrians,

    Iam living with my family in Thiruvananthapuram and native of Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli.

    very nice to see the website. jukku santhosh.

    In Tamil film industry our community people have contributed a lot.

    We should also bring to the fore the contributions made by our sourashtra community in all other fields.

    Amin ouvra community encourage mell kenna.

    warm regards

    Lappasi.S.Naveen Kumar

  3. Vimalraj.k.s says:

    Also , Seetha Parthiban is from Sourastra Community

  4. Karthic says:

    i’m Ramyan Karthic

    do you may know that in very beganing of the film industry started by our community. in 1936 – Chinthami, 1944 – Haridass, produced by mollin, natkarni. sorry i forget thay name. i will give more details regards this.. by other day or can you also refer the films :chinthamani, Ashokumar, haridass etc., till date our community getting the tele film “ghatti vedo” and “Olla Mathi Sukke Mathi”.

    best regards,
    Ramiyan Karthic.

  5. Gobinath says:

    Nice information……….. Keep update.

  6. J.R.Giridharan says:


  7. prasanna says:

    this is very usable and create connectivity our religion developing purpose.

  8. RAMESH.P.R says:

    Add these popular artist names also.

    Narasimmabharathi(very fomous in 40s&50s),Sumathi,

    M.S.Vasanthi&Prabhakar(Vaa Raajaa Vaa-hero)

  9. amarnath malli chandrasekaran says:

    Very good effort. many producers like subburaman are in the field. film directors like devadoss – actress devika’s husband, can be added. please follow your article. thank you very much for your effort.

  10. shankar thoguluva says:

    why bring the cinema connection so early into the website? is it a result of “community complex”? are we trying to take a convenient shelter behind a select few who have made it big? the content say ” they have the talent of pronouncing tamil very accurately and clearly”- please, this is no big deal. are we trying to say that the community lacks the basic skill of pronouncing tamil very accurately in spite of parking in Tamil nadu for centuries together? if yes, Shame on us. this is no telanet. this is a very normal interest and practice the select few have undertaken.

  11. Logesh says:

    Hi This’s logesh….

    I’m Sourashtra…..

    I dont know About My language Details

    Plz Sent me Sourashtra Full bio Data.

    Waiting Your Result……

    Reply Must…………..

  12. JK Ekanath Babu says:


    I have to-day had a nice opportunity to go through this web site. I am also one of sourashtrians living in Tamil Nadu. Really, it is wonderful to note that during the period of 1950 to 1970, hard working, eminent people really shined in all field. After the handloom industry gone down with the advent of Mills Sourashtrians became economically weaker community. Now they are spread all over India in small denomination after getting jobs according to their educational qualifications. 70% sourashtra must have switched their family occupation of weaving. Mostly still living a disciplined, hardworking, crime hating, peace loving people who had all round development. I wish the earlier glory of our ancestors should be restored.
    Thanking you,

  13. I was trying to find more information on Sourashtra Community and Cinema Industry | Sourashtra – Palkar Community on Google and this page was the first site I saw about it. Thanks for sharing and now I know where to find hot stuff in the future

  14. Madhav says:

    There is a Palkar guy from Salem who acts in Chellame, Radhika’s Tamil TV serial. He is that handsome guy who runs away from his lover girl when 4 guys threaten to kill him if he doesn’t leave her and run away. He eventually acts like a maniac. Does anybody know his real name?

  15. Jilari.Balaji. says:

    I feel proud to be a palkar.

  16. M S VENKATESAN says:

    I am from salem , I dont know . which guy is acting in the serial. pl give me some details so that i can locate that guy.

  17. Ashwin says:

    To add to the list, Actress Sukanya (hailing from Kumbakonam) is also a Sowrastrian

  18. jag says:

    its very nice to watch this website. sourasthra community angun sokkat karuvo….

  19. Ayyampettai Matta Shekar says:

    Thanks a lot to those who created this website to know
    about our people. our people also should involve in the community service.


  20. Ravishankar Kandallu says:

    Rather than contributions in films that too in a small [fit for nothing] kollywood circle, I wish we should present our community’s contributions in following fields.

    - SPORTS
    - LEAD ROLES IN PUBLIC SECTOR [such as Advisors etc]

    This will HIGHLIGHT our community to the world. Contribution to cinema alone shows our community in VERY POOR LIGHT.
    Humble request – If you do not mind, please remove this section FROM OUR WEBSITE.

  21. RAJENDRAN T R says:

    What Mr.ravishankar kandallu says(7/06/2011) is very correct,pl. HONOUR our pupils ,who are in remarkable field like cinema field,thank you-trr

  22. venkateshbabu M H says:

    mi & my frnds onda sourashtra film story likkiriyo but thella kangajal approval khadi kona direct keratha meni kalaarani.. every time sourashtra film full length comedygan avarasi but ami ondu novvo type think kerriyo.pls say about the way of how to make a film??.ami 20-22 year old pedukanus thellago meni ami love story menariyonha.sensational news,emotions,with comedy seradi try kerariyo,musadhi songs milli likkuves.pls onda IDEA dhevo………….

  23. kasi Ragupathi karthikeyan says:

    ashi thenko namaskar.
    Awra palkar geeth web add kaladovo pls.



  25. Senthil says:

    Askitengo Namaskar! Maduari Suryan FM um Prabu sslc meni auro jaath bedko RJ kan Work kerriyo, thega Tamil Language Clear kan Rhay, theno Vollo Mathi Sukke Mathi meni sourashtra Language Padamum onte Duet Song Gauriyo, You tube um Padam Name type keri Aikki savo, Song Sovnam Novri Kuppani meni Start hoy, Aikkvo, Prabu k thure Wishes Send kero.

  26. Senthil says:

    Auro Jaad Youngsters aski tengo onte Hi!!
    Auro Community Bedkin aski tenu ckokkat thenus, but todays situatuionum, our community girls Other caste Boysun ku marriage kellaras meni auro samoogamum aski thenu Vichar podaras, Ello kongo kutram??? auro Bedkinu Kutram naah! Thay have been forced. so auro Community Bedkan Awakened kan Rhavo, Bedkan singhar kan rhato sommar Veeram kan Rhano, thelles mukyam. auro bedkan veeram kan rhiyet auro bedkin dusro jaath bedko sengadi kattyam kan Jaana…..

  27. VIGNESH KUMMAN says:

    Hi, me amdavad rhi vignesh kumman. aski palkar thenko souriyyam. Mogo e website jukku chokkad lages.
    And i also contribute to expand our website and make it very strong group.

  28. HARESH KUMMAN says:

    Hi, Aski thenko souriyam, me ahmedabad rhi Haresh. Mogo ambire website jukku dheres. Mogo site visit kere pasla monnug jukku proud lages. Thank to creators

  29. VIGNESH KUMMAN says:


  30. venkatesh says:

    ASKITHENKO NAMASKAR….. Mee Venkatesh.. Chennaium sethe…. Graphic Design fieldm TL kan sethe….

    Onta nahna Uvar… Yella sitem ruvo chat keratha madiri kaide option thovatha muse thovaga……

  31. thoppay jothikrishnan (t.j.nagarajan) says:

    it is a pleasure to see a website in our language and very happy for the efforts taken to establish the website and i salute to all the people behind this.

  32. Nantha says:

    good information about our community.
    We should have more proper plans to improve the web site. We understand this is not a easy Job.
    Every one should help about our community information then this will become good web site for our palkars.
    Some information some body wrote in the comments, but our update information was very late, still grate.
    We have to update daily basis or weekly basis then the web site will improve fas

  33. AMARNATH B.COM9894724615 says:

    hi palkar askinga onda amarnath silent hills groups.vellanguli

  34. jim says:

    its very nice to these kind of action in our community. then i need one sourashtra song or website name. im agree all comments. send immediate answer pls. im very much eager to recieve the reply. thank you.

    namaskar aski thenu chokkad rano…..!!!!!!

  35. sankarlal says:

    Can we start giving contact numbers of our community members in city wise . otherthan tamilnadu. it will be hepful to be in touch with our community poeple.

  36. Chander. says:

    Askithengo Namaskar, Happy New Year, and Happy Pongal.
    Unco Sankarlal polchar, Konnithenu reply kerranee… Kakokuchi…. Avro Palgar Menin Monnu Serkonee… All are Selfish. Avrothenun Ondey website semaney Cokat Use kelluno.. Like facebook, twister. We have to discuss all subject…. but Ellad Avuro samuthayam Asiki Voorbodo chalaras. comparing other communities…………..
    Konti Jawab Keruvo sovuseee…..???

  37. SUNDARLAL says:


  38. Chander. says:

    Dear All

    Namaskar….. New year Kono Jaras………

  39. Viva says:

    Aski thengo Namaskar ,

    It is please to see all mess…the person who is acting in serials is Shravan who is basically from Madurai.To reach this place he struggled a lot…Coming days you may see him films too…actually u could ve already seen him in the movie ”Yavarum Nalam” as a electrician.And more over he has been acting / acted ‘n’ no of serials and one of the top youngsters in serials….Support him all and let him grow up in his career! Thanks to all.Will give all our support to him.

    Aski thengo Namaskar / Thank you.

  40. kollanger sruthi, Thiruvappur says:

    angu jukku actor & actress tamil film industrim raane… thiya buuraa vekki publish kearuvo………

  41. Padmavathi Venkatesan says:

    hi askithenko namaskar,

    iya website jugu chokkad se. amberi menugan ekothenu se meni mogo atha kalaris. me chennai um setha. amberi menugan pune, bangalore um puratham setha chokkad se.
    sonthosh iya website setha.

    Padmvathi Venkatesan,Chennai

  42. Amala R says:


    I am Amala from ammaiyappan,thiruvrur.
    i am really proud to be sourashtra..

    Anga samugam angu jukku improvment ovuno meni me aasai podatha.thegachi askin muyarchi keruvo..

    i feel very happy..

  43. nagarajan says:

    aski palkar menkanugu,

    namaskar. me palandur kero. jhuku santhosh yell msg sathaval. vega allathgu vatha kerain.

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Sourashtra or “Sourashtras” refer to a community of people who originated from Gujarat and now settled in different parts of Tamilnadu.They are also called as Palkars or in Tamil as Pattunulkarars which refers to the silk thread workers.