Joman – Mudhha Pongal, Vado and more

January 22, 2009 | General

Rava Kesari,Muddha Pongal,Vado,Idli,Coffee for breakfast followed by a heavy nine course meals with Pasam as dessert for lunch…Joman, Joman, Joman … Our community is famous for frequent get together. We like good food, rich in taste and calories too! That’s one of our weaknesses, maybe.



When we look at the movies wherein the heroes bare their six/eight pack abs, we are impressed and many of us make a quick resolution to go to gym, work out and build a body that would be the envy of our friends. That’s the Intention. Depending on how serious we are we may end up in a Gym also. We begin to scoff at the idea of big meals at the Jomans, and smirk surreptiously at people with paunch. This goes on for a few days.

Dawns a day when you have to necessarily attend a function of Mousin’s or Maman’s family. If you avoid it then there is a risk that you will be misunderstood and in turn a function at your place may be avoided by those close relatives. If you attend it then you cannot avoid the food lest you would be again misunderstood. Ok, you decide to attend just this one function only. You sit at the breakfast/lunch/dinner table. Remembering your hero of six pack abs you start saying to the servers, Go Uvvayo Thovo, Elley Nokko, Thelley Nokko… Your neighbor is now disturbed. He sympathetically inquires about your health condition and wants to know if you are sick! The word spreads and you’re embarrassed. In order to avoid further problems you forget your resolution and say to yourself “nothing will go wrong… just this one time…” and start tucking into the food with gusto.

Abbha Mujjo. Athengud Ella mathiri thetka hona… is the thought crossing your mind when you are returning to the crowd in the main party hall. Just then your elderly uncle and aunt approach you to intimate that the next week they have arranged a party as their son has come on a visit from USA and the following day they will be celebrating their golden jubilee wedding anniversary wherein they promise you with a grand gala buffet …No way to escape as you live in the same neighborhood and cannot give any excuse…

Elley iso jiley rai…The more you try to avoid Jomans the more you will be trapped.

All your firm resolutions to avoid rich food in order to keep your body in shape get dissolved by the situation and your weakness for tasty and delicious dishes.

In the end you end up with only a SINGLE PACK Thonthi Poad!

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  1. Prabu says:

    monno pojjho! joman khaye son se!!

  2. anna logaiah premchander says:

    bheli anubhavinchi likkiraasi
    chevdhethi- kotki jomanuk jeeli avey sompu
    bhesh bhesh bheli chokkad saenaa

  3. RISHI says:

    nice quotes written with lot of experience. i realist me

  4. sundar says:

    i am from madurai but not a sourashtrian. i have many classmates and friends who are. i just want to get the receipe for bun halwa and any other speciality food from the community. thanks.

  5. preethi says:

    ella mathri aurae maankan pathi . kakellatho bheli chot
    site ella !!!!! monnu purae santhos llakharas……….

  6. joman mena thella oura jomanus.mudha pongal kaes maelle… aiyooo super kon lavai

  7. kannan jv says:

    HI all ,

    Aski thenko namaskar ella website mulam aski thenko sariyae juku sothanthose.

    Akun’n ella site devlop keiruvayana…………

    jawilly viswanathan kannan


    ME avvi madurai gera anna me madurai im nee ..Kobode ondal me jooman khovu super kan rai

  9. Suresh Pidugun says:

    Avre menkanuk poad avariya karana.. Jaman.. Paav.. Menkan kai kaeren.. (Morae poad kona sathe meni thungo yemaam saatha mushina… Appadi..)

  10. l.b.arun prasad says:

    elle se thi jhoman ghano son lavaras

  11. Balaji says:

    Choudhithi jukku sonthosh hoyash…
    Asko anthe vaththamu likvai meni lagaras!

  12. amarnath malli chandrasekaran says:

    thure english bheli chokkod se. thumi deeriyo vishayamunu chokkat se. musathevel poorak elle mathiri rovvo likkuvo. elle mathiri nithe onte patharthu pathi avre mai bheinanu likketh angut chokkat rhai.

  13. shankar thoguluva says:

    ours is the ” pongal community”. we live on Jomans. no wonder this community has not moved ahead,let alone far ahead.

    every joman is followed by countless ” CHOOGS”. this defines our community!!

  14. yamini says:

    vangi bhudith sodras… joman khaya sonu lavarani….

  15. kovin ashok says:

    avo bhava,

    thumi kona sowriyam. ille moray blogspot. samayam riyath avi javo.

  16. Jankin Saravanan says:

    Aski thengo Namaskar,
    Me Bangalorum kaam kerariyo, Khobara khommo javai meni lavai, Khomo jeyath jomon jano meni lavai. Theval Mutha pongal and sambar, mmm yummy.
    Morning break fast (Bun halwo, Mudha pongal & Sambar, Vangi budith)
    Lunch (Bath, Sambar, Pilchar, Kachana ambat, Poriyal, Appudal, Gullayo, Vido (Coconut and sweets) and etc.)
    Dinner (Delecious Idli with Thakkali avunty and Nalar Chatni)

    Elle poora mee miss kerario……..

  17. Poorna Sandar D J says:

    Askithengo Namaskar.. Ami Askithenun Avasiangan Sourashtra Samuam kin thella varalaru kalalno.. konthi moga “varalru” avro vatham kai menon meni sangatho musaiya…ami avro vatha ohlla khalli avno.. muse alavu avro vatham mu vatho kenno…

  18. Mogo jhugu oppairas aski thengo vathaan..

    Aungo melli falar, thakkali avunty aski khano meni lavaras…. Rhiyethi kaai keratha thellae poora aurae gaamumoos khaatho musaii… Elled lekku aski sukki jeyo BUN, DELKO ROTTI kharas.. pusa thellae Burger, Pizza meni sangaraas..

    Aura vatho saatho likkatho chookkod sae.. Angun lipi(script) rheyas mena chokkod rhai..

    Aura lipi (script) kalano mena “” savo

  19. Happy that our guys have started realising the cons of JOMAN.

    Say about Ravhen also. Most disturbing for young Nowranuk

  20. Jakkan S.Karthick says:


  21. tp.ulashina says:

    andtha palkar vatho amees angun adhik kerno.

  22. tp.ulashina says:

    ellamari website saysa mo monnu jokku sandoska lavaris.ango joku mankan jol ela website kalasamari kerno.
    (kisto )flim menasa padam mari ranaso sokat padam onda releas kerasi anga vatha angun sokat menkan jol reach hoy meni me howtaris.

  23. Guduvan karthik(try) says:

    hai palkar

  24. deepak. says:

    hi to al my dear palkar. v are proved to be part of palkar. jai hind jai sourshtra.

  25. We are proud of having this website, we have to make get strengthening this


    oura menkean pomgal katha una keluvo , gym ji six pack avlouvo :)

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Sourashtra or “Sourashtras” refer to a community of people who originated from Gujarat and now settled in different parts of Tamilnadu.They are also called as Palkars or in Tamil as Pattunulkarars which refers to the silk thread workers.