Godandam – On the day of Devgas

February 6, 2009 | Marriages

Sourashtrians dwelling in South India are very religious and pious. In some of our Sourashtra families Godandam is a traditional prayer performed by the bridegroom on the day of Devgas. Some of the popular families in Madurai who perform this ritual are those of Musathins, Juttins, Gendane & Puttaans.


The whole event is very colorful. The bridegroom’s family and relatives assemble on that day in the house of the groom at a place designated for the Pooja. The Kula Deivam of the family is appeased by the way of offering Pongal in five Bhonnos. The groom is dressed up in a special attire of Haladu Dhoti in Panchakachham style. His head will be crowned with a special garland made of fresh lemons and flowers tied up with black thread. The flowers will be hanging like Sarams in between. His hands will be adorned with flowers and covered with Bigith and Sirkan. He will be wearing a fresh flower garland. His face will be wholly covered with Bigith except for the eyes. Along with a bright Javvadu Bottu on his forehead he will look totally different!

With a heavy crown of Limboos and phool sarams hanging from the head he will be carrying a tray with Bigith, going around the crowd doling out the Bigith and at the same time accepting the Kanikkas offered by the relatives. At the end of the procession he will place the tray with donations in front of the Deity and offer his Sashtanga Namaskar. After a formal Pooja he will give away bananas and milk as Prasadam to the gatherers.

The contribution collected will then be divided into two. One half would be offered to the Kula Deivam and the balance, considered to be the gift from Him would be utilized for meeting a part of the wedding expenses.

As such the whole function would go on for a couple of hours. However, in the event of anybody getting a Dev on his Aangu it might take even more time, which is not uncommon!

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  1. R.S. Shantharam says:

    Godhandam description is very excellent. This is being done in some gaers of Savnava gothra in which Ramiyan is also done. Mera gaer naam is Ramiyan. Godhandam is done to me also during the devkas din 1st September 1990.
    This Godhandam function is done only for the eldest and youngest sons in the family and not for all.
    Previously i.e. during my mote ba marriage, i.e. before 90 years, during godhandam the groom used to go on the streets to all the relatives house and get kanikkas.
    But nowadays this is being done in the marriage choultry itself.
    In my gothandam, collections were divided into 3 parts, one part contributed to our Dhrowbathi Amman temple in South Masi Street, one part is contributed to Thirupandram Murugan temple and the 3rd part is contributed to Thirupathi Balaji Temple.

    I am very much delighted to see about the godhandam and very happy to share my experience.

  2. Vins says:

    Godhandham atho kerarasya ? kago illa ontha vishesh ami kerariyo devkas dinnu ? kongathik kalaaiya?

  3. sathish says:

    i am also a sourashtra man that our language is sourashtra
    i am in chennai this language is very tough it cannot be learn as easy

  4. k s umarani says:

    Hi, I have seen sourashtra.com website. I am very proud to be a sourashtra girl. today i have read about godandam. it is a wonderful event on devgas.

  5. amarnath malli chandrasekaran says:

    jhukku chokkod vishayamun elle katturayim (ego palkar vatho rhai mogo kalareni) deeras. thunko namaskar. mee melli RAMAN ghommo isa visheshum jee seeres. mogo onte kalanno. elle chaltho kerathogu ayyanu (prohith) paje horiyeya? kalayeth sanguvo. thunko jhukku nanri (avre vatham kalani. kalayath sanguvo)

  6. suganthi and kalaiselvi says:

    akkinak menu mori beyin nu matan ku namashkar keyloriyatha! godhandam pathi ami seythivi seyasi …. ambir kalacharam pathi onti onti visiyam nu juku thenka kalarinine ella mari visiyam akki sabam menkan avathapa matan thumi akki sangathi odi avori generation akkinaku jukkuya ambir samugam pathi kalailatho onti vaipuga rai! ka maynathi akkinu chethivikinu kalailuno menatha musuna thumko me thapu sankorin ….. eya onti requrst ga aliginu ambir samugam pathina details parambariyam, poorvigam,kisa tamil nadu ku sowrastra samugam avesi menatha ambir mekan ethi nana pilanu ree kalai theyvuluno….! matha jath menkanuk savo theythaga menkanuk seyathi theynuga jeginu vatha keyroriyas ambir menkan mattumusi gowravam sariyasi ambir vatha kalayathun ambir palkar meni kalayathun tamilum vathakeratha alamam kai gowravam una ohjarish meni kalarini ambir menkanuku thapu sankuna meni junna! thayavu kari sabam matan khon vatha keyrathun sari ala visiyam akkina jhol sanguvo ambir samugamuk ami kapaduno……… ami (menu and mori bein) ambir manoum onthatha thumbir jhol sangiriyasi…. thapuka riyathi akkin amkka manuchuthuvo……..

  7. srinivaas says:

    kaai godhandam ..homagundam..etc.. isani kaai kaai keraskaamilli.. thts nt a matter… ella pura kenna jiyaskamilli…ella pathi kalaana jiyaskamilli…ondavisayam kalalluvo…horaat kerlanjaarya dheethenu theedhengo chokkat purunjallatha try keruvo..sodithetho sikkuluvo..nannhha nanha happy visayam&etc..milli share keruvo..dnt hide anything aftr get married… past life kaai paina hoyrhantho dnt think &talk abt..jus leav it.. strt a new lif.. trust together..lov together.. ur lif ll be happy..

  8. sumathi says:

    me musadin bedki oura gomma ella mathiri godhandam keran jukku sontosh lavarash

  9. yuvaraj says:

    hai thanks for posting the details regarding sourashtra and i am also belongs to the sourasthra community we are from tirupati

  10. SUNDARLAL says:


  11. Krithika Dr. says:

    Hello all
    Our family is currently in dubai.we r originally from madurai.i feel sad to see most of our community girls marrying tamilians.we should ensure that this does not happen.also too many tamil words r substituted.we can instead substitute sanskrit or hindi words to maintain our originality as our children r confused where they belong…kindly suggest…


    Askithengo Namaskar
    Illa GODANDAM kellaria gomma navunum me moga kalayagodhi RAMIYAN melli setha menikin thunga kalallaras thella mottum neethagu oura SOURSHTRA-PALKAR website thegamam ami mellariya aski kaladathagu onda vadse meni sonthosh podariyo.

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