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Sourashtra Wedding Procedures - 23 Comments

February 22, 2009 | Marriages

Sourashtrians follow the practices of the Vaishanvite cult for all the customs and rituals. The wedding rituals and customs are still followed by all members of the community. The procedure is as follows. Nowra Nowri Seelariya Phool Function or Vida Paan Machulariya and Boulas Ghetti Kellariyo Muhur [...]
Godandam - On the day of Devgas

Godandam – On the day of Devgas - 12 Comments

February 6, 2009 | Marriages

Sourashtrians dwelling in South India are very religious and pious. In some of our Sourashtra families Godandam is a traditional prayer performed by the bridegroom on the day of Devgas. Some of the popular families in Madurai who perform this ritual are those of Musathins, Juttins, Gendane & Put [...]



Sourashtra or “Sourashtras” refer to a community of people who originated from Gujarat and now settled in different parts of Tamilnadu.They are also called as Palkars or in Tamil as Pattunulkarars which refers to the silk thread workers.