Abhiyum Naanum Review

January 20, 2009 | Entertainment

Recently I saw the Tamil Movie, Abhiyum Naanum. The story revolves around a small family of father, mother and daughter. These Characters are portrayed by actors Prakashraj, Aishwarya and Trisha. Kudos to the director, Radhamohan who has once again made a decent movie worthwhile seeing with the family. Askithenu sano horiya padam.


The Punch line – When a child is born, a father is also born. But even though the child grows into an adult, the father in the man does not change.

Kheni Chokkad Sey. The actors have lived the characters and believe me, towards the end of the movie; even stone hearted adults keep wiping the inevitable tears from the corner of their eyes. It is so MOVING.

One aspect of the story which has been touched over the ages has been the Love Marriage and, of course, it had to be an intercaste affair. The father refuses to accept the arrangement and needs a lot of convincing whereas the mother, being a practical woman takes it in her stride.

This subject of love marriage and that too intercaste marriage. Oura Sourashtra Samoogamkku konni novuo naa, although it is not commonly accepted. Rhiyemelli, Of late, such incidents of girls running away from home with boys of other communities are becoming more frequent. Khenim paye elle jhukku romantic and idealistic koan lavey. But in real life it may not be so always. Parents always dread such a situation. But with the advent of internet, mobile phones and influence of TV Soaps and Movies and Western Culture, young people are tempted…

I think children are no more children once they enter colleges. They have independent ideas and think they are mature enough to decide on what’s good or not for them. All they need is guidance from seniors including parents. The role of the parents should change from a Protectionist attitude to a Counselors’ attitude and they should help their children in assessing the risks and rewards of any major decision and leave it them to decide and face the outcome boldly.

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Sourashtra or “Sourashtras” refer to a community of people who originated from Gujarat and now settled in different parts of Tamilnadu.They are also called as Palkars or in Tamil as Pattunulkarars which refers to the silk thread workers.